About Corrie

Final Cropped UprightHi!

I live in southern California with my husband and three four kids. I’ve been writing since 2010, when I first discovered the awesome idea that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and dove in.

I was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I went to a small engineering university in East Texas where I met my husband. I mistook my love of historical fiction for a love of history, so I majored in Political Science… It only took me about five years to figure out my mistake!

Some of my other favorite things:

Reading – I like space opera, dystopias, romance, fantasy, historical romance, and almost all young adult fiction

In-N-Out Burger – it’s a (largely) California thing

Quilting – Sewing can be very zen with no nasty sleeves or curvy necklines to mess with

Rubik’s cubes – I can’t create my own solutions, but I read about other people’s algorithms and try to learn ’em which is still really hard! There’s whole clubs about those things; it’s crazy.

My favorite shows: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place (currently), Parks and Rec, Big Bang Theory, Community, Elementary  and Sherlock, Agents of Shield

At the moment, I’m trying to finish my epic (by which I mean long) Jane Eyre-inspired contemporary romance.  I DID IT! I don’t know why that book was so hard, but IT WAS. Now I’m concurrently working on a series of romance/adventures on a generation spaceship (the first story was published in The Officer anthology this year), and a Pride & Prejudice retelling. Most importantly, I’m no longer having dreams of angry Brontes. Phew. Somehow I feel like Jane Austen is a more lenient task-master.

Thanks for stopping by!



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